Salmorejo Cordobés – Andalusian tomatoes wonder


Salmorejo Cordobes

Tomatoes wonder – yes, totally! It’s omnipresent and omnipotent throughout Andalusia. Can be served for every meal and in multiple forms, as Tapa, soup, dip, sauce etc – it’s a constant companion all year round but preferably consumed during the torrid Andalusian summers.

Plan this in advance as you need stale white bread – as I didn’t know where to get it, I bought the white bread two days before actually planning to make the Salmorejo.


  • 1 kg ripe tomatoes, best quality you can find on the market. They make the difference between a regular Salmorejo and an awesome one.
  • 150 gr stale bread
  • 100 ml of best extra virgin Olive oil you find on the market – it’s worth it investing a few more dimes here
  • half to one garlic clove- al gusto but remove the middle part to avoid eructation
  • 8-10 gr salt but better taste it before you add this quantity blindly
  • black pepper

Salmorejo has the final consistency of a puree. And goes very well with boiled eggs and a good Jamon Serrano.

Let do it:
Wash the tomatoes well, cut them in small pieces and add them to a large bowl. Take a blender and turn the tomato pieces into a sauce.
Pass the sauce through a strainer to remove seeds and skin pieces that have made it through the blending process. You want a smooth texture.

Cut the stale bread into pieces, add them to the tomato sauce and let it rest for 10 mins. This way the bread soaks some of the liquid and it becomes easier to blend it later.

In the meantime peel the garlic and, as it is used raw, remove the center so that it does not repeat. Add it to the tomatoes/bread mixture, pour in the extra virgin olive oil and salt. Grind some pepper – it’s not mandatory though.

It’s final blending time!
Blend it until you are happy with the texture, it should be really smooth and creamy. Taste now. Here is the time to add more salt if necessary.

Place the bowl in the fridge for a couple of hours and you will have a perfect version of the Salmorejo of Cordoba.
Before serving pour into bowls, sprinkle with a few shavings of Serrano or Iberian ham and/or some hard boiled egg. Finish with a drop of extra virgin Olive oil.

Perfect dish, dip or Tapa.
¡Buen provecho!

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