Hello & welcome to my journal of joys!

I’m Diana and I have a soft spot for beautiful and enjoyable things!

There is so much delight around me that I wish to share with you: simple but delicious food recipes, an ode to a piece of furniture I instantaneously fell in love with, experiences that had an impact on me while traveling to amazing places, instructions on how to sew an apron for a friend, or just an event I attended in the beautiful city of Munich.

Valentina, my Italian friend will be responsible for some of the amazing food pictures you will see on the blog. I will just use my iPhone for the rest.

The position of a Sommelier is open in our future blog-ménage a trois – as I want to give you the perfect user and food experience I need someone to decide on the wines to match my baked goods – just drop me a line if you’re from Munich and know a bit more then only where to buy a Sancerre, Chianti or Prosecco.

If you still have patience, a few words about the blog’s name.

I am originally from Romania and in my family we used to say “Este delicious, draga” meaning “It’s delicious, darling!”. As my blog is not only about food, It’s delightful, darling! seemed like an appropriate adaptation. To be honest – it’s damn hard to find a unique, easy memorable blog name – all you come up with, others already thought about before you… Thanks to my family for using the line in my childhood. It stuck!

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