Lime Meringue Tarte

The cake base is Pâte Brisée and the Curd recipe you can find here

the quantities make for 1 Tarte or 6 Tartelettes 

What you need for cake base:

  • 200g wheat or spelt flour (I prefer wheat) 
  • 100g cold butter, cubed
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 3 spoons caster sugar (or 2 spoons of sugar + 1 sachet Vanilla sugar)
  • 1/4 glass of water or milk

Mix butter and flour lightly until you have crumbles. Not too long though, add sugar, water (or milk) and the pinch of salt. Begin your work on the dough. If you feel it needs a bit more flour, feel free to add. 

Roll out the dough and place it in a Tarte or Quiche baking form. Prick the dough with a fork. Don’t forget to pre-heat your oven to 180°C/356°F. Baking time is 10 -15 mins. 


prick the pâte brisée


“blind-baking”, weighing down the dough


The dough needs to be “blind-baked”. Bake the cake base but prevent it from rising by weighing it down with beans, lenses or even rice. 

How to do it? Just add a layer of Aluminium foil or baking paper on top and fill the Tarte form with beans as in the image above. 

I presume the beans cannot be used for cooking anymore, at least I never tried but can be reused every time for this purpose.

When the dough cooled off, fill your Tarte/Tartelettes with the previously prepared lime curd. 

And nooow — It’s meringue time! 

You can make French or Italian meringue for the Tarte. Both are suited. I go with the French one, it’s less hassle to be honest. 

Prepare your mixer! It is vital for the Baiser.

I use 2 egg whites and 140 g caster sugar for one Tarte or 6 Tartelettes decoration. 

How to do meringue:

Start by beating the egg whites with a pinch of salt at low speed, add half of the sugar, keep the same speed until it gets a bit foamy and you see tips forming. Add the rest of sugar and increase the speed by 1-2 levels, depending on your mixer. 

The meringue should be stiff when you are done beating 🙂

You can either spread meringue on the curd using an offset spatula, making decorative swirls or use a star-like tip (like below) to decorate your Lime Tarte kiss by kiss (Baiser is kiss in French). 


decoration tip

After spreading enough kisses on your Tarte, you should caramelize the tips of the kisses using a handheld kitchen torch.

If you don’t have a kitchen torch you can caramelize/dry the meringue on the Tarte under the broiler. 

The Tarte is at it’s best after 5 -6 hours in the fridge or even better, the next day.

It’s really delightful, darling! The sweetness of meringue melts into the soft, creamy, fruity curd texture.

Dare to bake it! It’s actually easy to make and the reward is incredible. Bring it to a party and you are cherished forever! But it takes some time! My tip: prepare the Curd on the previous day and you are good to go! 

Blueberry Pies Forever

The Blue series is an homage to my love for Blueberries. I will keep posting recipes I tried and loved! 

This one I got from my friend Sarah a few years back. The pie is juicy, not too sweet, giving the stage to Blueberries. 

It’s an amazing breakfast treat in summer! And always a specialty to those waking up to it. 

Be cautious – if you bite too wildly, the juice splatters all over you! But enjoy it, there are stain removers that work pretty well these days. 

the quantities below make for 3 custom sized pies

What you need: 

  • 500g wheat flour 
  • 1/2 cube fresh yeast or a pouch dry yeast(whatever is available in your country and makes for 500g flour) 
  • 2 eggs
  • 100 ml milk 
  • 35g melted butter
  • one pinch of salt
  • 5 spoons refined sugar 
  • at least 200g Blueberries PER pie

How to:

  • warm up the milk a bit and crumble the yeast into it. Stir until the yeast dissolves. 
  • Put this and all other ingredients into a bowl and start working on it. After kneading properly, the dough should rest for at least 1,5- 2h. 

Finish line:

  • Prepare the trays or Quicheforms- whatever you have.
  • Pre-heat the oven on 180° C/ 356°F
  • Roll the pastry to fit the bottom of your forms and disperse the Blueberries to cover every piece of it. Don’t be close-fisted with the blueberries – it pays off, believe me!
  • Bake it for 20 mins. Let it cool off a bit before serving. You can powder it with some icing sugar. 

It’s delightfully fruity and juicy, darling! 

Blueberry Pies Forever – deutsch

Am liebsten würde ich die Blaubeeren selber pflücken, reinbeißen, sie riechen und am Ast fühlen. Aber leider hatte ich noch nicht die Gelegenheit dazu. Sagt Bescheid falls ihr in Münchens Nähe ein Feld/Hof kennt! 

Dieses Pie- Rezept habe ich von meiner Freundin Sarah. Die Pie ist saftig, nicht sehr süss. Die Blaubeeren stehen im Rampenlicht!

Die angegebenen Mengen ergeben 3 Pies


  • 500g Weizenmehl
  • 1 Würfel frische Hefe oder 1 Päcken Trocken- Hefe (ich nehme die von Alnatura gern, sie funktioniert immer gut) 
  • 2 Eier
  • 100 ml Milch 
  • 35g geschmolzene Butter
  • eine Prise Salz
  • 5 Löffel Zucker
  • und mindestens 200g Blaubeeren JE Pie

Die nächsten Schritte:

  • Die Milch kurz aufwärmen, lauwarm, ein Löffel Zucker dazugeben und die Hefe in der Milch auflösen.
  • Die Milch zu den anderen Zutaten hinzugeben und die Knetparty kann schon losgehen. Der Teig muss mindestens 1,5 -2 Stunden ruhen, die Masse muss sich verdoppeln. 

Nach der Ruhezeit:

  • Den Ofen auf 180° C vorheizen, die Back- oder Quicheformen vorbereiten. Buttern oder mit Backpapier belegen. 
  • Den Teig in 3 teilen und 3 Böden für die Backformen ausrollen. Die Blaubeeren auf den Teig verteilen. Nicht geizig mit Blaubeerenmenge sein!! Es zahlt sich aus!
  • 20 Minuten backen, abkühlen lassen und vor dem Servieren mit Puderzucker bestreuen. 

Es ist wunderbar fruchtig und saftig, Liebes!